Ready? Go!


the Subject

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is a rare sight for the car aficionados. A skunkworks project by die hard M engineers the car was somehow got past the BMW corporate bean counters and into the hands of the public. A limited run of less than 1,000 examples were produced for North America thus making it an instant classic. Driving this unicorn is a throwback to the past, the last of the analog cars and truly deserving of the M badge. This example is the photographer's personal car shot in a deserted parking lot for the desolate ghost international airport in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.   

the Print

All prints are printed on Illford’s GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl paper which has a high-density, resin coated heavyweight base and smooth pearl finish. This not only eliminates glare and fingerprints but with its natural photographic white tint, produces prints with the true look and feel of a photograph. Prints Sizes available:
10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)
19" x 13" (48cm x 33cm)
36" x 24" ( 91cm x 61cm)

the Frame

Optional solid black painted frame of MDF construction with inner double bevelled edge and anti glare glass. 4cm (1.6") frame surround sets off the print for a modern contemporary look.